Kelly Long voted 2,373 times since taking office in January 2017*, and went along with the majority almost 99% of the time.

Here are the few cases (less than 40) where she voted against the majority and lost 3-2 or 4-1:

Long voted against environment & wild-life protections 18 times:

  • against curbing offshore drilling
  • against opposing new oil and gas leases off the Pacific Coast
  • against curbing night-time light pollution
  • against wildlife corridors and protecting open spaces
  • for new oil and gas well permits

Long voted against clean energy 8 times:

  • against Community Choice Energy Program for Ventura County
  • against Clean Power Alliance for Ventura County

Long voted against making healthcare more accessible 7 times:

  • against the HealthCare Foundation of Ventura County
  • against the Board's position on the 2017 American Health Care Act (including Planned Parenthood's non-abortion-related services)
  • against funding basic healthcare for Oxnard and Ventura youth
  • against establishing a Farmworkers' Resource Program

Long abstained on 2 votes:

  • abstained - Board resolution supporting the Paris Climate Accord
  • abstained - Board resolution supporting stronger federal gun control law.

Long was absent for 103 votes.  

Details and link to source data here.

*Based on documents at the official Ventura County Board of Supervisors website, covering January 2017 through Oct 2019.



At the League of Women Voters forum in Camarillo, Kelly Long responded to public questions about her role as Supervisor of Ventura County District 3.  

Kelly, What's Your Position on Fracking In Ventura County?

Easy question isn't it?   Watching Kelly struggle to answer is anything but easy.

Environmental Justice

What is environmental justice?   Kelly's difficult-to-follow answer involves something about 'all the birds' and 'trying to get the homeless out of there.' Her response starts at about 1:28 into this video.

Safe Water

Kelly falsely claims she 'fought the oil industry' to protect our local water supply.  But in fact she simply went along with Supervisor Bennett’s initial motion to suspend fracking and then, months later,  pushed to have THE COUNTY PAY FOR TESTS so they could EXPAND fracking near the Camarillo Airport.  Watch Kelly misrepresent how she voted.

Health Services for Disadvantaged Communities

Kelly explains the role she‘d like you to think she played supporting public health care. It's followed by her opponent's fact check.

In-Home Care for An Aging Population

Hear what Kelly tries to say about providing care for seniors.  

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