2016 Contributions

Kelly Long 2016 Financing

Oil PAC Beat Long's Small Donors Nearly 2-to-1

Who was the PAC that supported Long in 2016?

The PAC called themselves 'Keep Ventura County Working, a Committee sponsored by energy producers and farmers to Elect Kelly Long for Supervisor in 2016'.  

In fact, this PAC was made up of just 3 entities:

  • California Resource Corporation (CRC) contributed $100,000
  • Cal Independent Petroleum Assoc (CIPA) contributed $77,500
  • Mission Produce contributed $10,000

Who is CRC?

CRC is a company engaged in hydrocarbon (gas & oil) exploration in California. It is organized in Delaware and headquartered in Los Angeles.

Who is CIPA?

California Independent Petroleum Association (CIPA) is a trade association representing approximately 500 independent crude oil and natural gas producers, royalty owners, and service and supply companies operating in California. 

Who is Mission Produce?

What about the other 'energy producers' and 'farmers' in the 2016 PAC?

There weren't any.  The PAC that spent $177,500 on Long in 2016 was made up solely of oil and gas companies and one avocado distributor.

You Get What You Pay For

Bottom Line:  Long consistently voted against clean energy and for more oil expansion throughout her time in office.