2016 Promises


A flood of mailers

Nearly all of Long's 2016 ads and mailers were paid for by crude oil and gas companies (and one produce distributor) which organized under a deceptively-named PAC.

You can see how many votes she gave them in return here.

2016 mailer


Beholden to whom?

Ironically, this mailer  - paid for by crude oil companies - included a promise that she would be 'beholden to you the voters.'  

However, her voting record puts her squarely under the control of big oil and gas.

Another mailer



This 2016 direct mail piece (also paid for by crude oil) claimed Long is an engineer, not a politician, and that she promotes research and innovation. 

However, Long lost 8 separate votes trying to defeat Ventura County's Clean Energy Alliance which lets us, the free market, choose innovative energy sources for our homes and businesses.

Clean energy research and innovation hurts big oil and gas.  Long portrayed herself as a champion of innovation and research. But in the end she voted against innovation because oil and gas got her elected.  

She may have been an engineer once, but she's clearly a politician now.

Still another mailer


Protector of the environment?

In this one, Long promised to protect Ventura County's environment, especially water, and wild-life.

Yet, Long voted NO at least 26 times against resolutions that would promote clean energy, protect the environment, conserve our water supply, and protect wild-life.

One Promise Kept


Long's big YES for big Oil

Most observers knew oil was trying to buy Ventura County by bankrolling Long in the 2016 election, well-documented in a 2016 VC Reporter article.

And sure enough, once she got in office,  Long would consistently vote in favor of oil and gas, keeping the promise they paid for.  

She tried unsuccessfully in July 2019 to expand oil fields near a disadvantaged community, documented in an August 2019 VC Reporter article, and depicted in the cartoon shown here by Steve Greenberg which also appeared in the VC Reporter.